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Our Guarantee

The HYPER-DRI System Guarantee


We offer a Full system functional guarantee. If at anytime you feel the system or one of its components are not working properly we will replace the item within 24hrs (for Singapore customers) and express shipping times for customers outside of Singapore (immediately after returned unit received).

Why is our Guarantee so Great?

Our business thrives on the satisfaction of our customers and our Guarantee has proven to be one of the many ways we can ensure you are happy with our products and service. It also ensures that you get peace of mind and confidence in the Hyper-Dri system!

System Warranty.

There is no reason for the system not to last a lifetime under normal operating conditions. There is however, the potential that the system may become faulty with abuse or tampering. Accidents do happen, so if in any event you have damaged the system or one of its components as a result of a mishap we will work with you to get the system replaced so you can get back to enjoying the benefits of the treatments.

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