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What are sweaty palms?

Stop Wet Hands NowSweaty palms is a description for a condition known to the medical community as "Hyperhidrosis". It is a natural response to nerviousness in some individuals, but can be psychologically debilitating to the hundreds of thousands who suffer from this condition. People with 'Hyperhidrosis" may also have sweaty armpits and sweaty feet in different sevarities.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Why do sweaty palms occur?
Sweaty palms is not caused by any injury, or eating the wrong food or an infection caught from another person. It is caused by an over activity in a part of the nervous system which starts in childhood. The over activity occurs in part of the brain called the hypothalamus and is transmitted to the hands and the feet through a relay system called the sympathetic nervous system.

Who gets sweaty palms?
Sweaty palms can occur in anyone. It is more common in certain ethnic groups including Chinese and Israelis. However, it can occur at any age. It usually starts in childhood often becoming more obvious in the teenage years. It can run in families with brothers and sisters sharing the problem. However the gene is not a strong one and the likelihood of an affected person's children having the same problem is not high.

How are sweaty palms medically treated?
Medical treatment for sweaty palms consists of agents to dry up the hand and which have to be topically applied. Once such agent is called Drichlor or Aluminium Hydroxide. It is not a cure and has to be used daily. It can be effective for mild sweaty palms but is not so effective for severe sweaty palms. The hands may feel tight after use.
Pills for sweaty palms tend to have side-effects including blurring of vision, dryness of the mouth and difficulty in passing urine. Most doctors do not recommend them. Iontophoresis is an electrical treatment for sweaty palms which can reduce sweating for days to weeks. The treatments will need to be repeated as necessary depending on the individual. It can be useful for students just before their examinations. Iontophoresis has been proven to be the most effective way to radically reduce the effects of sweating palms in the majority of cases.

What is Iontophoresis?

Can sweaty palms be cured?
Yes, a high percentage of sweaty palms can be cured by a permanent operation called minendoscopic sympathectomy (MES). This operation interrupts the abnormal increased signals to the hands by precisely burning a nerve relay station called the T2 sympathetic ganglion. This operation is recommended for those most extreme cases who have already tried and found that the alternative non-invasive medical treatments to be ineffective for their condition. 
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