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Non-Invasive System to Stop Sweating Palms
About Us

HYPER-DRI was developed in Singapore at the start of 2009 as an exclusive product line for TekWaves (53142388C)

HYOER-DRI offers featured products including Complete Systems, Hand Trays, Feet Trays, Pre and After Care lotions and Homeopathic remedies for a full balanced therapeutic experience.

The HD-System uses Iontophoresis technology that has proven to be the most effective non-invasive alternative to awkward agents and tricks, harmful drugs and the risks plus cost related to permanent surgery.

Our first prototype model was an idea from one of our founders who, as a sufferer of the condition, was driven to find a complete home system that was easy to use, cost effective and most importantly one that would Work! Stopping the sweating once and for all by taking measures in their own hands litterally was the ultimate objective. After collaboration with experts of various disciplines, a team was formed and the portable HYPER-DRI system was developed. Now, you too can experience the benefits of being in control of managing your condition in the comfort and privacy of your own home with confidence and without embarrassment!

Browse our Web site for products that will benefit you and your quality of life. If you get a chance, send us your feedback. We always appreciate your comments and suggestions for additional products we can offer to keep you comfortable, confident and "Dri"! And if you're in the area, contact us for a free demo of our products.

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